Rosemary extracts to receive antioxidant status (by Naturex, Raps and Robertet)


June, 30th 2008 – Naturex, Raps and Robertet, the three leading companies who are in the production and marketing of rosemary extracts in Europe, warmly welcome the opinion given by the European Food Safety Authority (E.F.S.A.), published on Friday, June 12th, saying that rosemary extracts are safe for use as an antioxidant in food. This opinion also means that such extracts are likely to be adopted formally into EU food additive legislation which will allow food companies to label them “antioxidant: rosemary extract”, thus helping to fulfil  the growing consumer demand for natural ingredients in their foods.

Previously, rosemary was considered to be a flavour and not an antioxidant, even though it is often used for both purposes. Some of the regulatory authorities in the European Member States said rosemary extracts could no longer be described as a flavouring extract because it provided progressively less and less taste, in relation to its antioxidant role in the end product.

In 1997, Naturex, Raps and Robertet decided to clarify the situation and invited all the rosemary extracts producers to join forces in order to register rosemary as a food antioxidant with the European legislation. A group only constituted by these three partners was created (and initially also Danisco). Only rosemary extracts from Naturex, Raps and Robertet were tested in the toxicological studies in connection with the E.F.S.A. opinion for these products.

This opinion celebrates the efforts spent by this group over the past 11 years and is a major step for the European rosemary extracts market. It considerably expands business opportunities for rosemary extracts in new applications and in the states where they were previously limited by this regulatory issue.  If this group had not applied for registering rosemary as a food antioxidant with the European Legislation, financed the studies and provided their extracts, no one would be able to label rosemary as an antioxidant in Europe today.


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Naturex develops, manufactures and markets natural ingredients for the food, dietary supplement and nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Headquartered in Avignon, France, the group employs 550 people and has an international reach, with over 90% of its sales generated in 30 different countries outside France, 60% of which in North America. Naturex has production facilities in France, Morocco, the United States and Italy, a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, and a representative office in Singapore.

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 Raps spices, extracts and seasonings are known for their high quality and innovation power. At Raps this starts with purchasing of single spices and continues with modern and gentle production methods.
 Raps operates worldwide with approx. 700 employees, having 13 subsidiaries and 38 distributors, to produce spices, extracts and seasonings for the food industry. The most well known innovations from Raps are the supercritical spice extraction and the modern technologies of CPF and Flavocaps.

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 Robertet through the acquisition of Charabot is the world leader in natural ingredients for fragrance and flavor compounds. Robertet is a family owned, independent company based on 3 business, natural ingredients, fragrances and flavor compounds. Robertet flavor department is structured on 2 expertise center in France, USA, 3 extraction plants in France, Turkey and South Africa and 10 blending facilities spread all over the world. Our success in natural flavors is based on long expertise in sourcing, analytical science and extraction. Our approach of natural business is in true respect of the nature. We are also conducting extensive work to trace and remove unwanted residues in our natural extracts.

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