Our mission

At Naturex, our objective is to provide you with innovative natural ingredients that will help you create truly unique products that are healthier, safer, and more attractive. We are highly attuned to the needs of the food & beverage market, and aim to provide you with the best natural solutions to meet the specific challenges of your products.

Whether you are looking for functional, sensorial, or technological properties, or seeking a replacement for an additive, we turn your challenges into our solutions.

Turning the benefits of nature into innovative food ingredients is part of our DNA at Naturex. Are you looking to create a healthier formula, to enhance the sensory appeal or stability of your product in a clean and natural way? Let us work with you…

Paul Janthial, Business Unit Director - Food & Beverage


Our offer

Natural ingredients to foster innovation

Naturex Sensorial Appeal

Sensorial Appeal

Develop your sensory identity

Naturex Enhance & Stabilize

Enhance & Stabilize

Improve your product’s stability and freshness with natural compounds

Naturex Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Infuse your products with nature's vitality


Direct access to our ranges

Endless possibilities in color

Improving taste, naturally

Natural flavoring ingredients

The best from
fruits & vegetables

Creating texture,

Natural food preservation

UPtaia™ – a quillaia extract that enhances the foam structure and stability of beverages

Sapnov™ – a purified extract of quillaia, which acts as emulsifiers in beverages as well as in flavour and colour emulsions

Creating texture,

Botanicals for Food & Beverage

The best from
fruits & vegetables

Naturex miChroma plus


Discover miChroma plus, oil-dispersible natural colors and coloring foodstuffs. A recent innovation in our NATcolor range that offers new possibilities for sophisticated decorations

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Main markets


Flavors & seasonings

Soups & sauces

Baby food



Bakery & cereals




Oils & fats

Meat & poultry


Our commitments

Natural ingredients for healthier foods

Sustainability principles

Partner in organic agriculture

Guaranteed food safety through certified facilities


Our expertise


Creating your difference

At Naturex, we know that time-to-market is key to the success of your innovation.

Finding the right recipe for an industrial formula takes time. Sensorial properties need to be optimized and the stability of the future product must be assessed over time.

Our R&D and application laboratories are ready to support you in optimizing your time-to-market.


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NAT color



Tomato application

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