Our mission

Nature has the capacity to reveal the beauty in each of us and Naturex knows how to capture this natural power at its source.

Fully immersed in the plant world for over 20 years, Naturex has mastered extraction techniques, from simple methods to the most complex processes, such as plant purification.

In its desire to fully respect people and nature around the world, Naturex is committed to making a positive impact by improving living conditions in local populations and maintaining biodiversity.

Naturex’s Personal Care Business Unit identifies and formulates the most effective plant-based ingredients for tomorrow’s cosmetics.

The growth of Naturex’s Personal Care business is driven by a high capacity for innovation, expertise in setting up new supply chains for sourcing plants, and an ability to design new extraction processes.

Stéphanie Puel, Personal Care Business Unit Director


Our ranges

Naturex NATselect


A world of botanical extracts

Naturex NAToleis


Pure botanical oils

Naturex NATbeauty


Active ingredients backed by science

Naturex NATpurity


Botanical active molecules

Naturex Dhatelo oil

"Spotlight on..." Dhatelo oil

The Dhatelo shrub grows in the sunny forests of the Himalaya. The people of Nepal use it to make a vegetable oil that they traditionally use for skin hydration and hair care. The production of this exceptional oil is a source of additional income for the villagers.

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Naturex UEBT


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Our expertise


Making the difference

Naturex helps you differentiate your cosmetic projects by applying its expertise to the creation of an exclusive plant extract for your product.


News & events


Visit us at the SCC Technology Showcase in New York from December 11-12

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Conference by Naturex at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Paris on 24th November

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Achieve radiant glow with superior and natural AHAs

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Naturex’s Personal Care Business Unit joins the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT)

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Discover the beauty expertise and skills of Naturex's Personal Care Business Unit through our videos.

Quality process

Follow our quality control process from the arrival of raw materials at our production site to ingredient dispatch.

SO Naturex!

Discover our natural ingredient ranges, from extracts to botanical molecules.

NAT oleis™

NAT oleis™, our range of botanical oils for the hair, face, and body.

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