The pathfinder program

The Sustainability Pathfinder program is designed to express
Naturex’s ability to explore new and sustainable roads without
applying a rigid model. Our paths are not mapped; they’re made
by listening to local people and understanding the particularities of
an environment. Building a path implies relying on experience and
respecting the natural contours of the landscape. Throughout the
various departments of our company, we are constantly searching
for better ways of acting with respect to the earth and its people.
Our Pathfinder program aims to provide a rich source of ideas and
inspiration for combining economic success with environmental
protection and social responsibility. It reflects our continuous drive to
go one step further. This is what we stand for and how we behave
as a company. These values form the basis of our behavior towards
employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders.

Serge Sabrier, President of the Sustainability Committee


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Principles of Naturex Pathfinder program: Environmental Stewardship, Economic Prosperity, and Social Responsibility


Pathfinder report

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The path begins with responsible sourcing


Every single day, at least one of our purchasers visits a supplier, totaling up to 462 visits in 2013
To go deeper in this relationship, our Ivory Coast purchasing office is organized with several collection stations across the country in which permanent workers and women’s cooperatives process Katemfe, a wild fruit famous for its powerful sweetness profile. This proximity with local collectors allows us to ensure the constant quality of our raw material and its preservation thanks to the rotation of collection areas.

A laboratory dedicated to stringent quality for our sourcing in China
The Chinese purchasing office has been fully operational since 2008 with eight people dedicated to sourcing and quality of raw materials coming from China, Japan and Korea. To increase efficiency in the selection, the purchasing office is fully equipped with its own quality control tools like HPTLC, HPLC, UV spectrometer, GCMS, PPSL and extraction pilot. 1,700 sample analyses are performed each year.

Precision farming for a better environment
In Northern Europe, in accordance with GACP principles, Naturex has selected growers that have developed sophisticated agricultural methods for valerian. Guided by GPS, the tractor can follow a determined trajectory with a precision of 1 cm when planting. This pioneering method optimizes the distribution of plants in the field, improves labor efficacy and working conditions, and contributes to reducing the use of herbicides by 30% or more when combined with mechanical weeding.


Sourcing perspectives



  • Receive UEBT “Trading Member” status for Personal Care Business Unit


  • Have at least 10 supplementary Raw Material Supply-Chains qualified under our Sustainability Pathfinder approach


  • Have 50% of our key suppliers compliant with our Sustainability Pathfinder referential and 100% by the end of 2020

Sustainability at every step


100% of plant by-products are reused as biofuel in Morocco. In Morocco the apricot kernels and other plant by-products derived from the extraction process are reused in a sustainable manner. The waste is sold to a 14001 certified building material plant where it is used as an alternative to coal for fueling the factory.

The installation of two cooling towers and a refrigerated unit in Valencia (Spain) has allowed the factory to reduce its water consumption by 40% in 2013, saving 50,000 m3 of water.

Prevention  water treatment station in Avignon
Part of a global water management program, Avignon inaugurated its new biological water treatment plant in 2013. A true technical challenge, the basins, the utility rooms, and the laboratories are completely underground. With its green roof, the facility is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding landscape. This equipment represents an investment of 1.5€ million. The factory is also ISO 14001 certified, as is its counterpart in the United Kingdom.


Operations Perspectives



  • Replace all R22 cooling fluid in all factories using this gas in order to reduce the impact on global warming


  • Decrease overall water consumption by 10% assuming the same level of activity
  • Maintain the electricity efficiency ratio at 1 kWh/kg of finished products and reduce the overall consumption of fossil fuel by 5%
  • Strengthen the waste management plan by increasing waste reuse and recycling from 84% to 88% and by reducing landfill waste from 8% to 5%, assuming the same level of activity
  • Maintain GMP or Food Safety certifications (GFSI, NSF, GM P pharma) at all of our sites that ship products to clients to ensure the health and safety of consumers

Relying on human values


A purchasing decision with a positive direct impact on environment and populations
Naturex is committed to donating 1% of the sales generated by NAT oleis™, its new range of oils and butters for cosmetic applications, back to the planet and communities where the botanical oils are sourced.

500 children learn about dental care along the Ucayali river
Since 2013, the Naturex Foundation has been supporting the Apus boat project, which aims to bring free dentistry to the Shipibo – an indigenous people living along the Ucayali River in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Naturex sources many botanicals in this part of the world, including Dragon’s blood, Cat’s Claw, and Maca. More than 500 children benefit from dental care and educational sessions about oral hygiene


People perspectives



  • Expand the OHSAS 18001 certification to 2 additional manufacturing sites
  • Extend Sedex® auditing standard to 7 of our industrial sites


  • Strengthen the career management process for senior employees and offer them customized solutions
  • Double the number of actions supported by our Foundation

Creative way of thinking accross the chain


ORTESA investigates eco-friendly extraction in part nership with the University of Avignon
In 2013, Naturex inaugurated ORTESA, the center of excellence for research and industrial innovation that aims to develop better science for botanical and ecofriendly extraction. Led in partnership with the University of Avignon, the research laboratory incorporates sustainability in all the steps that are critical for extraction

Client driven - 80% less paper distributed during tradeshows
The sales team has adopted a new approach for presenting Naturex’s portfolio. Tablets have replaced brochures and reduced the number of brochures distributed during trade shows by 80%. Thanks to this new technology, our clients receive a personalized email with relevant products directly in their mailbox.

Excellence - New processes for higher efficiency
In the Polish factory, we have replaced the evaporation process which consumed a lot of fuel, by a proprietary process. The pectin manufacturing process now requires less energy.


Innovation perspectives



  • Reinforce our commitment to eco-friendly extraction by signing a charter and a guide to good practices as part of the ORTESA program


  • Revive inspiring botanicals that were traditionally used in Provence, in collaboration with the natural regional park of Luberon


  • Launch a research program to develop the use of African flora in partnership with local universities, populations and companies
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